Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pushing 50

Among my goals for the new year is to paint at least 50 portraits.  That may seem a modest goal in comparison to those daily painters who manage to churn out hundreds of paintings each year, but I'm realistic about my speed.  I was never the fastest sprinter in sports, and I'm not the fastest painter out there, either.  However, 50 paintings sounds like a good challenge.  That's about one per week with a couple weeks off for good behavior.

And here's my first candidate for 2011, Butter, the Basset Hound mix.  I just love his turned-in knees (or, that place that approximates knees on a dog's legs.)

Ill be posting the finished portrait later this week.  Please tune in to see the body of work I produce this year. I only just realized as I started to write this that I will also turn 50 this year, which makes the project of 50 even more fitting.

Please consider adding your dog to my project list for this year.  

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