Saturday, January 15, 2011

50 in 2011: Dodger the Corgi Sparkles on Canvas as Portrait #2 by Janet Burt

I knew when I saw the photo of this adorable Corgi that I could turn it into a fantastic portrait.

Dodger the portrait is a 12 x 16 inch acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas.  Dodger the dog is a 13-year-old Corgi who has already risen to fame as the Corgi of the Day on  You can read all about him and see more pictures by clicking here.

Dodger's "mom," singer Susan Stevens Mooring, has even written a song in tribute to her fur baby entitled Blues for Dodger.  No recording is available to share with you at the moment, but if Susan ever makes one I'll be sure to update this post.  Not many (if ANY) dogs have their own blues song, after all.  Here's a small sampling of the lyrics (copyright Susan Stevens Mooring):

He may be red and white, but he’s got a right to sing the blues
I say he may be a red and white dog, but he’s got a right to sing the blues
Let him tell you his story, hear this little Corgi’s views

Can't wait to hear that set to music.

If you'd like a portrait of your own unique dog (or cat), email Janet at  You can visit Rainbowdog on the web, or on facebook, too.

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