Monday, January 24, 2011

Announcing the Rainbowdog Dead-of-Winter Portrait Giveaway!

Bring a little warmth to winter by entering the Rainbowdog Dead-of-Winter Portrait Giveaway Contest.  If you submit the winning photo, you will win a custom 9 x 12 inch portrait of your pet!

Here are the details. To enter, email a photo of your pet to me, at  Because of the size of this portrait, please include only one pet per photo, and please send only one entry per pet. By all means, enter multiple photos if you have multiple pets! 

Once I receive entries from 30 people (I'll keep entries open at least until the end of this week), I will post the photos in an album on the Rainbowdog facebook page. Get your friends and acquaintances to vote for your entry by clicking "like." Voting will be open another week, or longer if needed, until someone has at least 20 unique votes. And yes, you can vote for your own photo, but only one time.  Winner will get a custom 9 x 12 Rainbowdog acrylic portrait from the winning photo!

I have two objectives with this contest/giveaway. I'd like to introduce more people to my art, obviously. But I'm also introducing a new greener Rainbowdog offering. The winning portrait will be painted on recycled board (which just means I've acquired large pieces of thin board that will make good painting supports), rather than on canvas. I've chosen the 9 x 12 size because I also have an upcycled frame in that size, and will include the frame with the portrait if the winner wants it.  

Eventually I hope to move the majority of my paintings over to upcycled/recycled wood supports, presented in refurbished frames.  They look fabulous AND help cut down on the amount of "stuff" in our landfills.

So get your cameras out (you might first want to watch my video on how to take better dog pictures, posted on the Rainbowdog facebook page), tell your friends to do the same, and send me your pictures. I can't wait to see them!


  1. LOVE the portrait you have posted with this contest cute !!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks. This dog's cheerful expression always makes me smile.

  3. Just curious. I already uploaded a photo of my Rory on your facebook page. Do you want me to email you the photo as well?

    Thanks bunches

    katkiley @

  4. Hi Kathy. If you've already loaded the picture onto the Rainbowdog facebook page, that's all you need to do. I'll be posting the album of "contestants" soon.