Sunday, January 23, 2011

50 in 2011: Yellow Lab "Snickers the Wonder Dog" is Portrait #3

I have a soft spot for yellow Labs. My husband and I both grew up with a yellow Lab as the family dog, and our first dog together was the uncreatively-named-yet-wonderfully-special yellow Lab Daisy.  So I was particularly pleased to paint Snickers, known in her family by her full title, Snickers the Wonder Dog.

This portrait is a 24 x 30 inch acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas.  At this dramatic size, Snickers appears on canvas pretty close to life-size - perhaps even a bit larger.  To help you compare, here's a picture of Snickers (the dog) posing with Snickers (the portrait).  She seems fairly humble and unaffected by all the attention.

This portrait was a surprise birthday present for Snickers's human "Mom." The rest of the family hung the portrait in the living room while Mom was out and waited for her to discover it. Now that's creative gift-giving!

If you'd like to commission your own portrait, email Janet Burt at, or visit Rainbowdog on the web for more details.  You can also check out special deals and get inside information on upcoming projects on the Rainbowdog Pet Portraits facebook page.

I'm just beginning my series of 50 portraits in 2011 (the year I turn 50 myself - gasp).  Join me in my quest to turn a mid-life crisis into beautiful art and commission your own portrait today.

Rainbowdog - Painting 50 Portraits in 2011.

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