Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Butter the Basset Hound Mix

Here's the final version Butter, my first portrait of 2011, and Number 1 in my projected series of fifty portraits for the year.

 Completing this particular painting was fraught with obstacles.  Before I began painting, my not-that-ancient Mac computer died (didn't know Macs ever died, did you?), and since I only back up my files weekly, some data, including the photos Butter's dad had sent me, were lost.  Once those were replaced (THANK YOU), there were issues of deceptive lighting in the photos to deal with.  I struggled to get his wrinkles painted in accurately.  But finally, after several revisions, I was able to complete Butter to my client's satisfaction, and I'm rolling on to portrait #2: Dodger.

Isn't that the cutest smile? Dodger has actually enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame already, having been featured on The Daily Corgi blog here.   I'll be posting his finished portrait by the end of the week.  Stay tuned.


  1. Have to admit that I love this photo. Being owned by a tr-colored Pembroke might have something to do with this. Most of the photos I get aren't quite so good. Saw Dodger on Daily Corgi blog and looked him then. Enjoy seeing your work on A Dog a Day but just discovered your blog. Will subscribe as soon as I can and have become a follower.

    Be following you, trisha

  2. Okay, how do I subscribe to receive your blog?