Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Inspirations

Spring came very early to the Northeast where I live this year, and though I'm nervous that early spring means we have a broiling summer in store, the flowers blooming everywhere are gorgeous -- and inspiring.  The color scheme of one of my latest portraits, below, was certainly influenced by all the pinks and purples on view in my neighborhood.

This portrait of a Weimeraner is a 12 x 12 inch gallery-wrapped acrylic on canvas. I had fun expressing the dog's gray coat in these spring-like purple, blue and pink tones.  I think it gives her a very soulful, feminine look.

Here's where I got my color inspiration: pink dogwood blossoms;

My daughter's Converse (technically not blossoms, but still within the color scheme);

Violets, vinca and other wildflowers.

Happy spring! If you'd like to order your own Rainbowdog, you know where to find me:


  1. Inspiring! Nice color combinations.

  2. Love it! Great colors and of course a most beautiful dog!
    Aloha, Zsuzsa