Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feel the Joy: A Rough Collie "in the Pink"

This Rough Collie's expression just radiates happiness, don't you think? I tried to capture that spirit of joy in this 24 x 30 inch portrait, and keep the mood warm and vibrant with a striking pink background.

In a little bit of a change for me, I also added some strong black line to this portrait. Collies are naturally somewhat "frosted" with sable and black fur, and I wanted to exaggerate that feature while making my subject Maggie pop from her strong background color. I am really pleased with the result. This painting makes me smile every time I look at it. (Is it wrong to be a little in love with my own painting? Maybe . . . )

Alert readers may notice that I am not exactly on pace to complete 50 paintings this year, since it's mid-May and this portrait is only number 11. Don't worry though, folks. I have been planning some new work on a smaller scale that -- I think -- is going to significantly up my output before summer is over.

Stay tuned!

And remember, it's always a good time to commission a portrait of your own Rainbowdog. Just send me an email and we can get started.

Rainbowdog Pet Portraits. Life's more fun when it's colorful!

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  1. Love that color. And the bold outline. Happy dogs always seem to make a great painting.