Monday, June 13, 2011

Vibrant Bulldog "Miss Weezer" is a Winner

Readers may remember this fabulous photograph of Miss Weezer, submitted by her owner to the Rainbowdog Dead-of-Winter Portrait Giveaway contest earlier this year.  Who could forget a face like that?

Well, Miss W didn't win the portrait contest, but that didn't stop me from capturing her adorable mug on canvas a few months later. To keep the focus on Miss Weezer's face, I removed her bandana, but made sure to emphasize her soulful expression and those distinctive bulldog teeth!  I also enlivened the entire portrait with bright bands of color.

Bulldogs are lots of fun to paint. One of the first Rainbowdogs I ever painted was a bully named Gracie, and I liked her portrait so well that I used it on my business card for quite some time.  Gracie's portrait is also part of a book of bulldog art created by Art 4 Causes entitled Full of Bull.  Purchases of the book go to bulldog charity.

If you have a bulldog you'd like to see immortalized on canvas, send me an email. I'd love to get working on those wrinkles!

Rainbowdog Pet Portraits: Life's more fun when it's colorful.

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