Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Size, New (Bargain) Introductory Price!

Introducing a new, smaller size of Rainbowdog, just perfect for that family room nook, kitchen wall or unused corner of your house, or the house of a special hard-to-shop-for someone. Clocking in at a manageable 12 by 12 inches, these new "mini" Rainbowdogs are available for a limited time for only $125. What a steal!

The picture below should help you get some perspective on the various sizes of the Rainbowdogs.

In this shot are Chu Chu the Yorkie on the new 12 x 12 inch size, Tinkers the cat on what used to be the smallest size, a 16 x 16 inch canvas, and two of my favorite dogs, Roxy and Sylvie, pictured larger-than- life on a 24 x 36.  Sylvie herself is also in the picture along with my daughter Bridget, on the theory that everything looks better if pictured with a 17-year-old beauty.

Order by October 15  to secure the new, introductory pricing.  Due to its smaller size, the 12 by 12 incher can only accommodate one pet.  But at this price, you can order several and hang them together for a fabulous display.

After October 15 the price will rise to $195, so order now, and please tell your friends.  This offer isn't limited, so individuals may order multiple portraits.

Here's one more shot, which I just wanted to include because Sylvie the real dog and Sylvie the portrait are so in synch it makes me laugh.

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