Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Golden Years

"Golden Years," 9" x 9" inches acrylic and watercolor on watercolor paper. You can add this portrait to your collection for $99.  Just send me an email if you're interested.

The face in this portrait is Faith, a rescued Mastiff who endured a challenging past but is now, fortunately, spending her golden years in comfort.

Kept as a breeding dog in a puppy mill for years, Faith has given birth to untold litters of puppies.  Her life must have been extremely challenging, since her living conditions were anything but cozy.  She was kept chained to the side of a building, and still has places on her haunches where her fur is rubbed off and replaced with callouses because she had nowhere soft to lie down.

Fortunately for Faith, along came Kristin, who recognized her "canine soul mate" in Faith, and adopted her once the puppy mill where Faith had spent her life was shut down.  Faith has been sharing her forever home with Kristin for more than a year now, enjoying slow, sedate walks, lots of cuddling and a soft bed.  Some people might reasonably expect that Faith would be distrustful of people after all she's been through, but she has such a sweet disposition that she is even helping Kristin rehabilitate a new, younger rescue dog that Kristen recently adopted.

Here's the picture of Faith I worked from, so you can see her "battle scars" clearly.

Happy retirement, Faith!

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