Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Canine Art Guild

Imagine my surprise, having worked as a dog portrait painter for several years now, to discover that there is an actual Canine Art Guild. Where have I been all this time?  The Guild has been around for five years, establishing a community for dog artists of all levels, exhibiting their work and providing a place to find support and advice. It's a great place to see and buy dog art on the web as well!

Their most recent show, entitled 'Dog Gonn-it Art Exhibit "The CAG is five years old!"' featured artists from around the country and the world.  Some of my personal favorites included:
"Snuggly" by Judy Johnson

"Macy" by Harry Boardman

"He's Looking at You, Kid" by Susan Garrigues

"Curious" by Mary Singer

"Trio (Halle)" by Judi Evans

I'm inspired by so much dog art in one place. It makes we want to get to my studio and create. Look for a Rainbowdog painting in their next show!

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