Friday, September 23, 2011

Exploring a New Approach to Dog Paintings

Here are the first four paintings in a planned series of non-commissioned dog paintings. I will be offering these - and more to come - as prints.  Still working on titles for some of these, but I do believe a good title really lifts a picture from the ordinary.  Feel free to leave suggestions for titles in the comments section!

1) "Did You Forget Something?"

2) "Walkies?"

3) "My Couch"

4) "Short Legs, Big Ball"

I am having a great time with the colors and patterns in these paintings. If you have a great picture of a dog -- that you have taken yourself -- that you would like to see transformed into a Rainbowdog original, send it along. If I use it, I'll send you a free print. Don't forget to suggest a title!

I hope to hear from you!

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