Thursday, February 24, 2011

Results are In: Barney the Beagle Wins Dead-of-Winter Portrait Giveaway Contest

Rainbowdog fans cast their votes in my portrait giveaway contest, and the overwhelming favorite was this picture of a beagle named Barney. With that soulful expression, is it any wonder he was chosen ?

To make a portrait of this little guy, I cropped the picture to present more of a closeup, then added a bright and simple background.  I didn't get too crazy with my colors on this portrait, because Barney's mom is more of a traditionalist, and asked that I keep impressionist colors to a minimum.

This particular portrait was painted in acrylic on recycled board, and will go off the the lucky winner in a repurposed frame that I repainted in gold to pick up the golden highlights in Barney's fur.

If you would like to commission your own Rainbowdog, please email me at  You can learn more at the Rainbowdog website, and keep updated on future contests at the Rainbowdog Pet Portraits facebook page. 

Rainbowdog. Painting 50 portraits in 2011

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