Friday, September 24, 2010

Hey Kids, Look What I Found in the Garbage!

I've always loved making great finds in the things other people put out in the trash.  My husband and I practically furnished our first apartment with the discards of other lives.  The attraction isn't just that one finds cool things --

Me:  OMG look at this typewriter I found today!  It actually works!  If Pottery Barn could replicate these, tasteful living rooms across America would be graced with imitation-authentic Antique Accents -- but I have the real deal!
Teenaged Children: Mother, you are pathetic.

As you can see, my enthusiasm for 'garbage' is high.  (The fact that this enthusiasm embarrasses my children is just gravy.)

I also keep an eye on other people's discards because I feel bad about how much we all acquire and throw away in this country.  I've been trying to find a way to connect my feelings about over-consumption and under-recycling to my pet painting business for a while, and think I've come up with a way.

What do you see when you look at this cabinet (also rescued from the street this morning)?

If you said, "ugly, old, blue cabinet," you would be only partially correct. I also see many square inches of 1/2 inch solid wood, waiting to be cut up with a circular saw and used as the support for quite a few paintings.  Yes, it will take more work to cut this baby up and sand and prep each piece than it would to buy some canvases from my local art-supply store.  But that extra work will not only keep this cabinet out of the landfill, it will also reduce my consumption (I'll buy fewer new canvases) AND recycle an old, beat-up piece of furniture into something new and beautiful.

I'll keep you posted on my progress in realizing this goal: ultimately, I'd like to have all the Rainbowdog Pet Portraits painted on recycled surfaces.  What do you think about that?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How'd They Get Those Dogs to Do That?

Anyone who loves dogs should check out this video from OK Go, if you haven't already. It's an amazing mix of performance art and doggie cuteness.

This is the official video of the song White Knuckles.

Thank God Almighty, I'm Free at Last!

Would it be too politically incorrect to rant about my mother-in-law in this space? I don't want to seem mean-spirited, but we just got finished with a long weekend visit with the MIL, and frankly, I think the things that come out of her mouth are far more extreme than the ones you can read on "S%#* My Dad Says." (Except not profane, just inane.)

Let's have a sampling, shall we?

The Scene: MIL has recently arrived from a visit with Other Son's family.

MIL: I have this wonderful picture of me with [Other Son's children], and it's so fabulous, and everyone says, "Oh, that should be on your Christmas card!" Then I also have a picture of me with [our college age daughter], and then I need one more with these last two grandchildren [our two that live at home].
Me: It might be hard to fit three photographs on one card. How will you do it?
MIL: You're right. Maybe I'll just use the first one and leave out your kids.

The Scene: MIL and me at the computer, me having just uploaded all the pictures from her new (and first) digital camera to my computer

Me: See, that's how you can put the pictures on your computer when you get home, and you can look at them or email them to your friends!
MIL: I don't know how to send a picture in an email.
Me: It's easy!  See this little icon that looks like a paperclip? Well--
MIL: I'm lost.


ML: If I click something on Google (she's heard of Google!!) and then I don't want to see that website anymore, how do I see the things in Google again? Do I have to delete the website?
Me: No, just click the back button.
MIL: What's a back button?
Me: See these little triangles up here on the --
MIL: I'm lost.


Me: You know, there are lots of classes for older folks to help them get comfortable with technology, where you can learn to manage your digital photos, and --
MIL: I don't need a class! I'm great with computers! I know all about cut and paste and everything!
Me:  . . .

The Scene: Dinner, Second Night

MIL: I'm leaving my diamond engagement ring to Granddaughter, so I'm putting it in a box with her name on it. [Wags finger.]  If someone gets there first and takes it, be sure to look for it.
Me: Who would get there first?
MIL: You never know what might happen.
Me: Well, if you really want to be safe, I think you can leave specific instructions about who gets what things in your will.
MIL: Just get there first.

On reflection, I think this probably IS mean-spirited, but happily, I'm confident the MIL won't navigate her way here to see what I've written (see "I'm lost," above).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Size, New (Bargain) Introductory Price!

Introducing a new, smaller size of Rainbowdog, just perfect for that family room nook, kitchen wall or unused corner of your house, or the house of a special hard-to-shop-for someone. Clocking in at a manageable 12 by 12 inches, these new "mini" Rainbowdogs are available for a limited time for only $125. What a steal!

The picture below should help you get some perspective on the various sizes of the Rainbowdogs.

In this shot are Chu Chu the Yorkie on the new 12 x 12 inch size, Tinkers the cat on what used to be the smallest size, a 16 x 16 inch canvas, and two of my favorite dogs, Roxy and Sylvie, pictured larger-than- life on a 24 x 36.  Sylvie herself is also in the picture along with my daughter Bridget, on the theory that everything looks better if pictured with a 17-year-old beauty.

Order by October 15  to secure the new, introductory pricing.  Due to its smaller size, the 12 by 12 incher can only accommodate one pet.  But at this price, you can order several and hang them together for a fabulous display.

After October 15 the price will rise to $195, so order now, and please tell your friends.  This offer isn't limited, so individuals may order multiple portraits.

Here's one more shot, which I just wanted to include because Sylvie the real dog and Sylvie the portrait are so in synch it makes me laugh.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to visit Rainbowdog Pet Portraits on facebook for more updates, contests and photos.