Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Art Helping Animals

I've been recently invited to join the group Art Helping Animals, a fellowship of artists dedicated to helping animals in need.  How does it work? Artists post work for sale on the website (actually a blog) and designate what percentage of the total purchase price will go to a specific animal rescue charity.  This allows people to purchase beautiful art and help unfortunate animals with one fell swoop.  How great is that?

Art Helping Animals was founded in 2006, and has raised more than $76,000 to benefit animals to date.  That's quite an impressive track record, and I'm very flattered and excited to be part of the group.

I've got two artworks posted for sale right now.  The first, "Three Dog Night," is a fabric 'painting,' created entirely from recycled fabric and felted sweaters, hand-sewn and embroidered.

This artwork measures 14 x 18 inches and comes framed, under glass.  The frame is also up-cycled, a wooden frame I painted in cream to complement the colors in the picture.  Three Dog Night is listed for $185 including shipping, with 15 percent of the purchase price going to Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals

The second work I've listed is "Basset Hound Blues."

This mixed-media work measures 8 x 10 inches.  The hound is painted in acrylic, with a watercolor wash background on watercolor paper.  Basset Hound Blues is listed for $75,  with 15 percent of the purchase price going to Old Dog Haven

Come check out my art and the work of the other hard-working, animal-loving artists at Art Helping Animals.  Maybe you'll find the perfect holiday gift for someone special - your purchase would be a gift to animals in need as well.

Email me if you'd like to buy! The money still goes to the charity whether you purchase directly from the blog or through Art Helping Animals.

Thanks, everyone.

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