Friday, July 23, 2010

Wild Beasts?

The Fauves, or Wild Beasts, loved to used color to express emotion, and weren't concerned with making colors realistic. For a while, one of my artistic idols, Henri Matisse, was experimenting with this form of painting.  This portrait of his wife, "Woman with the Hat," painted around 1905, is a good example.  I think we all understand that Madame Matisse's face wasn't actually green.

So, given that bit of art history, is it wrong that Rainbowdog uses, shall we say, unrealistic colors when painting my portraits?  I hope you don't think so.  (And no, I and NOT comparing myself with Matisse!)  Look at this portrait of a pug named Chloe. 

No, she isn't actually blue and purple in real life, but I love the way she looks.  Maybe your dog would look great in purple?

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