Monday, March 4, 2013

Jack Russell with Charm

Here's a recent portrait of one of our neighborhood dog-walking buddies, a Jack Russell terrier named Maddie.  Her "dad" Dick contacted me a while back, wanting to surprise his wife with a special painting for their new house.  The finished portrait is 12 x 18 inches.

Below you can see the picture I used for reference for Maddie's portrait.  While not as close-up as I would prefer in an ideal world, this photograph is clear, in focus and well-lit -- the dog-photography triple-crown! 

Another strength of this photograph: Dick wanted his portrait to show Maddie in a full-body pose, and I can clearly see her hindquarters and feet. Frequently, people photograph their pets sitting in the grass, which actually obscures the feet most times.  It was a clever idea to put the pooch on the bench.  (If you want to photograph your dog this way but Fido is too big for the park bench, have him hang out on the driveway, deck, or paved path to get the same results.)

If you would like to commission your own keepsake portrait, send me an email. I'll be waiting!

Rainbowdog. Because life's more fun when it's colorful.  

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