Thursday, October 25, 2012


I'm sure you're all dimly aware that eventually, maybe after Thanksgiving, you will have to come up with holiday gift ideas for the special people in your lives. I'm here to remind you that although Halloween hasn't even arrived yet, for makers of unique, handmade items like pet portraits (me!), the holiday season is right around the corner.

So I came up with a little incentive to inspire you to consider commissioning that holiday portrait NOW, while I still have time to paint like a sane person:

Book a Rainbowdog portrait for the holidays by the end of October and receive a 20 percent discount.

I've never offered a discount this huge before, but last December was so crazy, I thought, what the heck? So please, if you would like to treat yourself or someone close to you with a special, hand-made-in-America gift this year, shoot me an email  to start the process by October 31 - that's Halloween folks! - and save big bucks.

We will all have a more peaceful, stress-free holiday. Plus, you'll be able to relax and put your feet up, knowing you will NOT be rushing to the mall this December, frantically searching for a special gift. (Let's face it. Much of the stuff at the mall is really not that special.)

THANK YOU for supporting Rainbowdog. Let's keep life colorful!

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